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This is my Charlie Brown. He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever born in 2016. In this picture he is 6 months old. He loves to go on long hikes, listen to children read books, and fetch is his all time favorite activity!

Lucy and Kayla Aben, German Shepherd, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

These are my dogs.  Lucy is on the left, and Kayla is on the right.  In this picture they are 3 and 7 years old.  Their absolute favorite activity is to play BALL!!! Kayla passed in 2014 at the age of 12, and Lucy passed in 2017 at the age of 11.
Miley Chenevery, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

In this picture Miley Chenevey is 6 months old.  She is a mix breed dog, and loved by many!
Calliope, Great Dane, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification
This is Calliope.  She is a young Great Dane.  She's about 7 months in this picture.  Calliope lives with her owner and a French Bulldog named Moby.
Zoey Skadsem, Lab Pit Bull mix, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification


Zoey Skadsem is about 7 months old in this picture.  She is a lab/pit mix.  She especially loves playing with the small children in her home. 
Raynal (Ray) Diamond, Pit Bull Boxer mix, PAWS Training Behavior Modification

Raynal (Ray) Diamond is a Pit Bull/Boxer mix and represents his breed well.  He loves children and his foster sisters that come and stay with him!
Miss Chris, Havanese, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

Miss Chris is a 1 year old Havanese.  She is very sweet and loves to play hide n seek!
Jessie Walsh, Beagle mix, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

Jessie Walsh is about 7 months in this picture.  She is a beagle mix.  She LOVES her family, going for runs with her owner, and playing with kids. 
Bella VanFaasen, Bull Mastiff, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

Bella VanFaasen is a 3 year old Bull Mastiff.  She's a beautiful gentle giant.  She's learning to enjoy a good game of hide n seek, and has a great time downtown with her family on Friday nights.  
Gibby Lawther, German Shepherd mix, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification
Gibby and Lou Lawther, German Shepherd and Lab mixes, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

Gibby (pictured above) is a German Shepherd mix, and Lou (pictured below) is a lab mix.  They spend time relaxing on the deck with their family.  While Lou learned how to get along well with others, Gibby learned how to be strong and brave!
Lou Lawther, Lab mix, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification
Zeek Corwin, Lab Pointer mix, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

Zeek Corwin is a Lab/Pointer mix.  He is greatly loved by his family.  Loves his new little (human) sister.  He takes lots of walks with his family.  A great sidekick if you ask me!!

Bailey Levitt, Boxer, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

Bailey Levitt is a 3 year old Boxer, that spends her evenings being a goofball.  She LOVES to play ball, and her best (doggie) friend in the whole world lives next door, a Great Dane puppy named Luna.
Suh Perkins, Cane Corso, PAWS Training and Behavior Modificaiton

Suh Perkins is an almost one year old Cane Corso which is one of the Italian Mastiffs.  He is a perfect example of his breed.  He loves his family dearly, and tries very hard to keep them happy!

Sophie Nichoas, Newfoundland, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification
Sophie Nicholas is a Newfoundland and in this picture is 6 months old.  She loves spending her days playing with her doggie friend Copper, and getting as wet as possible.
Casey Gawlowski, Shih-Poo, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification

Casey Gawlowski is a almost 2 year old Shih-Poo, who is very excited to meet new people.  He loves to solve puzzles and is very picky about what ends up in his Kong.
Adventure Newman is a one year old Australian Shepherd.  She LOVES to play catch with the ball!!

Lass Newman is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd.  She takes her job of keeping the house safe very seriously and loves to ride in the car!

Jack Feldmann is a 5 year old Yorkie that enjoyed life a little more before he gained a doggie brother in Dexter.  He's slowly adjusting to this big change and loves to spend time with his human mama...Amanda!

Dexter Feldmann is an 8 month old Goldendoodle.  He's a great representation of his breed.  A wonderful family dog, class clown, and just enjoys life.  One of his favorite activities is to PLAY BALL!!

Coco Kuboff is about 2 years old and is a Sheltie.  She LOVES to play with all people and really enjoys her daily walks. 
Echo Meeks was rescued a few weeks ago and has made a wonderful transition into the Meeks family.  She is a very gentle, quite dog.  She loves to run and has a great running partner in her owner. 

Jack Minelli is a 6 month old Jack Russell Pug mix.  He enjoys spending time with family, getting into trouble when he can, and playing fetch!

Bijou Gottlieb is an 8 month old Maltese.  She spends her evenings outside in the garden keeping watch of the house. 

Feenie Steih is a 7 month old Bichon/Cavalier (Cavachon).  He has a lot to say, and always wants to be with his family.


Carson Berry is a 6 year old lab mix. He loves his family dearly and loves to go on long walks.

Miley Starzacher is a very happy 2 year old chocolate lab. She can't get enough swimming in, and really loves her Frisbee!

Zoey Ligner is a Lhasa Apso Poodle mix.  She is full of lots of personality and is never afraid to voice her opinion.  She is now welcome wherever she goes and especially enjoys playing with her favorite dog pal, Chole.

Odin Sgro is a 4yr old Neopolitan Mastiff.  He spends most of his days hanging out with the family, but in the summer loves to go camping.

Olive Cunningham is a 10 month old yellow lab. She adores her family, her best friend Calliope (see Dane at the top), and of course being a good girl!

Moka Schubring is a 5 month Boxer.  She is planning on having lots of fun playing hide n seek with her family.  She loves to meet new people, especially ones with treats!


Cider Theriot is a 6 month English Setter.  He will soon be starting his training in the field and loves to be with his family. He is a big strong boy that LOVES to play!!

Sig Lawther is the newest addition to the Lawther family.  At the end of his training this Weimaraner was almost 5 months old.  He will continue on with his owners to become a phenomenal hunting dog.

Hunter Brundage is a German Shepherd mix. At the end of training he was about 6 months old. He LOVES to play ball and spend time with his family.

Rocky Lyke is a 2 year old Goldendoodle. More than anything he loves to be in the water!! He also wants to spend as much time as possible with his family.

Cider Chalin is a young lab mix. She was rescued as a young adult and like most labs, loves a good game of fetch. She enjoys going with the family to summertime sporting evens.

Easton Poma finished his training at 4 months old. He spends lots of time with his family on their many outdoor adventures. This Golden Retriever is a perfect example if this beloved breed! 

Teddy (above) and Hunter (below) Murphy are young adult Labradoodles. They live on a lake and are able to daily (even in very cold water) swim to their hearts content. Fetch is their favorite game to play and they especially love spending all their time with.... each other. These two are the best of friends!

Lia Guzowski finished her training at 4 months old and is a Boxer mix. She's insanely cute.... and knows it! One of her favorite games to play is hide-n-seek, especially when she gets to do the hiding.

Cash Ayres (above) is a 2 year old Neapolitan Mastiff and learned how to handle life by himself. He is a true gentle giant. Bailey Ayres (below) was 6 months when she finished her training. She loves going to work with her owner and hanging out with her best pal ever....Cash.

Daisy Greenstein is a young adult Yorkie. This super smart little girl was shuffled around a lot quite a bit as a young puppy, but adores her furever family to pieces!   

Barnabas Sanford, was 6 months when he finished his training and is a miniature Goldendoodle. Rarely do I run across such a sweet full of life sidekick! This highly intelligent guy caught onto everything quickly and with lots of enthusiasm.

Augie Kosel is a 5 year old Corgi mix. He, more than anything, loves to go for the W-A-L-K. After finishing his training he now can walk right with his owner and even allows the occasional bike rider to pass without too much complaint.

Kimba finished her puppy training with flying colors. She loves hanging out with her best friend in the whole world, Steve. She and Luna are litter mates and get to visit with each other when time allows. 

It's easy to see that these two white German Shepherds are related. Luna loves to catch the Frisbee and hang out with her family. 

Lacy is about 6 months old in this photo and is a Golden retriever. She loves to spend her time with family, chase toys around the house, and be a goofball in every way!

Lilly is about 18 months in this photo. She really likes people and is very enthusiastic with her love. After training she learned how to control some of her impulses. She especially enjoys going for walks.

Scout (left) and Dagney (right) love spending time with family, and keeping the house safe.  

Leo is a very intelligent border collie mix. He gets bored easily and needs a challenge to stay out of trouble. He especially loves spending time with his family.

Moose is a Weimaraner and in this photo is about 6 months old. He loves nothing more than to run around and have fun. He is a big boy with lots of personality.

Gibson is about 8 months in this photo. He loves going for car rides, chasing the kids around, and having as much fun as possible.

Romeo (left) and Sophie (right) are littermates and Aussie/Corgi mixes. They take the job of keeping the family safe very seriously but know how to have fun. They really like to chase the ball!

Luna (above) and Brutus (below) are comepletely adored by all that meet them. They have a great time keeping a close on their visiting grandkids and learned how to have great manners with guests. When training was finished Luna was about 18 months; she is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Brutus is a Saint Bernard.

Riley was a little over 6 months when she finished her training. She is a Border Collie and is now enjoying life out on the west coast. She loves to go for hikes with her owners, fetching the ball, and performing tricks.  

Ice was rescued when she was about 1 year old. Like most German Shepherds she really enjoys spending her days with her favorite people in the world. This super smart girl will do whatever she can to make her owners happy, and she loves to be outside. 

is a about 1 year old in this photo. She is a Siberian Husky, and like most Husky's she has an endless amount of energy. When bored she thinks up games for herself that sometimes get her into trouble, but most of the time are fun to watch.

Ruger is a very smart young German Shorthair Pointer. He has the most fun visiting the family farm and running until he can't run anymore. 

Fern is a beautiful German Shepherd. She finiished her training at a little over 9 months old. She spends her days with her human brother, as they grow up together learning the basics of life. She will chase the ball til she drops.

Leo was rescued as a young adult and is a hound mix. He can often be found running the side streets of Chelsea with his sidekick Liz. He is a very sweet boy!

Belle had a very hard time being left by herself, and she would get a little too protective when she would go for walks. At 3 years old it's sometimes a little harder to learn new tricks but with some time and patience Belle now has little to no issue waiting patiently for her family to come home. 

Pip is one of the smallest sidekicks I've worked with. This chihuahua mix is very intelligent and has enjoyed spending her days at work with her favorite person. She can also be found hanging out on the boat on sunshiney days. 

Moose is a chocolate labradoodle. He was a little nervous to meet new people but has built a considerable amount of confidence. He loves to swim and hang out with this family.

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