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All of the Dog Training Programs start with a free in-home evaluation, and come with a training booklet, training collar, summer socialization classes, and unlimited phone and email support for the life of your dog.  Also, if your dog regresses and reverts back to a behavior that was corrected in your training, I will come back to your home for a free follow up session and re-address this issue.  Ask about payment plans!
Free In-Home Evaluation
You get started with PAWS by scheduling your Free In-Home Evaluation.  I will come to your house, evaluate your dog, and make my recommendation for your dog training program based on your specific needs.  If you live outside of the training area, there will be a charge for the in-home evaluation. This usually last for about 90 minutes.

Basic Obedience
In the Basic Obedience Program, I will show you how to teach your dog, in 5 sessions, basic obedience commands such as come, sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, and heel.  These commands will allow you to have fairly good control over your dog on leash.  This program also includes the Problem Solving Program (full description below), designed to prevent or stop unwanted behaviors such as jumping, chewing, barking, etc.

Puppy Program
The Puppy Program is designed for puppies ages 8 weeks to 16 weeks. This program is a little longer than the Basic Obedience Program and has a stronger focus on preventing unwanted behaviors. This program includes 6 training sessions spaced every two weeks instead of every week. During these sessions you will be taught all basic commands along with how to prevent unwanted behaviors such as housetraining, jumping, destructive chewing, play biting, barking, etc.
Problem Solving
If you have a dog that jumps up, runs out of doors, has accidents in the house or if you want to prevent these problems from happening, you'll find a lot of help in this program.  This program is included in the Basic Obedience Program and the Puppy Program at no additional cost to you.  Your dog may not need dog obedience training for a minor behavior problem, and only need one or two sessions to solve this problem.  For a few behavior problems such as jumping, mouthing (play biting), and barking, the Basic Obedience Program may be necessary.
Advanced Obedience
For some owners basic obedience is not enough.  The Advanced Obedience Program will show you how to get control over your dog in a variety of situations off leash.  In this program, you will learn a few new commands that give the basic obedience a polished and finished look.  The length of this dog training program varies on the age, breed, temperament of the dog, and schedule of the owner, but should only be a few more sessions beyond the Basic Obedience Program. 
Behavior Modification
Behavior modification is the elimination or management of a complex or dangerous behavior.  This includes aggression, separation anxiety, phobias, and compulsive disorders.  Because of the nature of these behaviors it is vital that the owner follows all instruction for this program.  This program requires the Basic Obedience Program and depending on the severity of the behavior may require additional sessions. 
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