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Referral Rewards:
PAWS is a business that grows mostly by word of mouth.  To reward those loyal customers that refer other customers, I have designed a referral program.  For every person you refer, and they sign up for training, you receive $25 in cash.  All you have to do is refer PAWS to your friends and family, they need to mention you at some point before they pay, and you get a check in the mail for every referral that results in a dog training customer.  Make sure I have your contact information so I can get you your check.
I frequently get asked for my recommendations for a number of pet services.  These businesses are the ones PAWS recommends. 
Recommended Reading:
Patricia McConnell is as close to a hero of mine as possible.  I have read several of her books and recommend that anyone who wants to know dog communication better take a look at her website!
Everyone knows the Dog Whisperer, but have you read his books?  He has some wonderful books out there on how to establish and maintain leadership in your home.  Not a reader?  That's's a cool website anyway!
If you're looking for a new addition to your home, check out Ann Arbor's Humane Society.  They have a brand new facility (same location) and lots of events this summer.
Last Day Dog Rescue is an awesome rescue that saves dogs from high kill shelters and research facilities.  If you're not sure if you want to adopt try out their foster program, and help place a dog in a forever home.
Boarding/Day Care:
Karnik Pet Lodges offers a very unique boarding and day care facility.  Their day care is indoors, and monitored the entire time by a trained staff member.  They do not allow behavior that might erupt into a dog fight and keep the facility very clean.  Their boarding kennels are very unique with glass surrounding the kennel instead of fencing or concrete. 

Aunt B's Doggie Day Care and Inn 
Bridgette Reynolds owns and opperates Aunt B's. This is a great place to drop off your sidekick for the day or an extended stay. Please call for more information. 248-755-0999 Aunt B's is located in Gregory

Quality Pet Care offers overnight and daycare services for small breed dogs (cocker spaniel size or smaller), and cats. They are located downtown Ann Arbor and have home style kennel setting. They also offer bathing and grooming services before check out.

Unleashed and lovin' it is a boarding and day care facility that also offers self serve pet wash and toe nail trims. They're located in Jackson MI, and strive to provide a safe, fun, and stimulating social environment for you dog.  

Janet has over ten years experience grooming pets in the Ann Arbor area.  Whether you have a dog or cat, pure breed or mixed, long or short coat, Janet will groom your pet just the way you want.
Rox's Ruff Cuts grooms in a nonrestrictive environment (unless otherwise requested).  In other words, their shop is a big, doggie-size playpen where dogs run and play freely in dog-friendly heaven!  This is unique because most groom shops keep your pet in a kennel or crate until they're ready for grooming.
Here are two sites that offers excellent muzzles.  I have worked with a few dogs now that have used these muzzles, and in my opinion, are the best money can buy.  They allow the dog to breathe naturally, drink water, and even eat small pieces of food.  Because they don't hold the mouth closed, it also allows the dog to relax and behave more naturally. 
The Pet Emporium moved to a new location in 2011.  They're located on Stadium in the Trader Joe's plaza and is a unique boutique, filled with a variety of quality pet products at competitive prices.  This is where you can find Planet Dog and Ruff Dawg toys, along with many other great quality toys, treats, and food!
Training Equipment:
Please don't feel as though you have to buy from these retailers.  I have them listed, because this is who I use.  Please feel free to do some shopping and look for the best prices.
If you're looking for a really good strong crate that's not outrageously priced here's what you're looking for.  This crate was designed for especially powerful breeds, however I usually recommended it for dogs with Separation Anxiety.  This is not the crate for the average dog, but when you have a powerful breed, or a dog with Separation Anxiety this crate is going to get the job done! 
This is a basic open wire crate.  It has a one or two door opening so it is a little more versatile on placement.  The crate should be big enough so that your dog can stand up, sit down, lay down, and turn around without being hindered.
Ruff Dawg
These are some of my favorite dog toys for my own dogs.  They are very durable.  Ruff Dawg offers balls, Frisbee's, rubber sticks, and chews so your dog has many options for toys. I am able to offer many of these at discounted prices for the families I work with. Ask to see my inventory! 

Kong provides good quality rubber chew products for dogs.  They also offer several products that you can stuff with goodies like peanut butter, yogurt, and baby food, in addition to the products sold by Kong.  Freeze them after filling to keep your dog extra busy for longer periods of time.

Nylabone offers several different types of good compressed plastic chew toys for dogs.  Make sure you're matching your dogs chew toy with his or her strength of chewing.  For example, the powerful chew toy for powerful chewers, and the flexible chew for puppies, light chewers, and seniors.
The X-Mat is a great mat to place on your furniture or in any space you don't want your dog going.  It can by placed in front of the trash can, or in the threshold of a room you don't want your dog to enter.
Bitter Yuck is a very good effective anti-chewing deterrent.  Remember, as with any anti-chewing deterrent, you need to re-spray the area every 20-24 hours to be effective.
The following Veterinarians are the ones that work closest with.  I have worked with severals owners that use these Vets, and am continually impressed with them.
Affordable Vet Services is located downtown Ann Arbor, 611 South Ashley St.  734-926-0114
This is the vet I personally use. I have been impressed over and over on the quality of care my dogs have received from Dr. Seger.

This was the service I used for end of life care for my dog Lucy. They offer in-home euthinasia and hospice services.
VCA Woodland Animal Hospital is located at 2200 South Main St, in Ann Arbor.  This is the same Plaza as Pet Supplies Plus at the corner of Main and Ann Arbor Saline Rd.  734-761-1870
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