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                                                                                             Brian Chenevey with MIley
Laurie and Brian Chenevey, Miley Chenevey, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification"I would highly recommend PAWS to anyone who is willing to work with their puppy.  Amber is wonderful!  She is very knowledgeable about puppy behavior.  She did a great job with our puppy and whole family.  I also appreciate her availability.  She will take phone calls and help you over the phone with any problems or corrections.  We had a wonderful experience and would be open to discuss our experience."                                 
Laurie and Brian Chenevey, Tecumseh, MI 
                  Miss Chris
Jeff and Linda Lawther, Miss Chris, Havanese, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification"Amber was always professional and always observant of our needs.  She was not afraid to point out areas that needed attention or work, including our own behaviors with the dog - not just (Miss Chris's) behaviors with us...From start to finish this was a great experience.  It was not 'easy'.  There was definitely work involved, but it was worth the time, effort, and investment.  PAWS is a great company to work with and we recommend them highly.  Thanks for a very positive and beneficial experience!"
Jeff and Linda Lawther, Ypsilanti, MI
                                                     The Perkins Family with their dog Suh
Sam and Kellee Perkins, Suh Perkins, Cane Corso, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification
"We are soooo happy with all the knowledge and training we have gained. We called amber after our family friend gave us her info as a last resort. We have a 10 month old 105lbs Cane Corso who we couldn't control. He was very sweet but too big to not listen. We have a 1 year old and couldn't chance her getting hurt because we didn't know how to tell him what we wanted. Amber came out and assured us he was going to be the dog we wanted if we just stuck with it and had patience. Not always easy but well worth it. Today Suh is a completely different dog. I can trust him out with our daughter, not to knock her down and steel her snacks. I can walk him and not be dragged down the street, and I can cook and sit without him under me. We also loved the time she took to explain everything and to answer our calls when I just wasn't understanding why he wouldn't listen."
Sam and Kellee Perkins, Ypsilanti, MI
                                     The VanFaasen Family with their dog Bella
Christian and Kathryn VanFaasen, Bella VanFaasen, Bull Mastiff, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification"We have a Bull Mastiff, she weighs about 95 pounds.  We wanted to train her with our move coming up.  We did not want to try to out-muscle her, we wanted her to listen.  We like that the training is affection based and not treat based.  Our dog responded extremely well to this.  She just likes to please.  We did the basic obedience training, as we only had the time for 5 sessions before moving.  We feel that we have the knowledge to continue what we have learned and improve.  We will look for a trainer in Denver, but will make sure that the training is not treat based.  I am impressed with what we have accomplished in the 5 sessions.  We learned basic commands: sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, come, heel.   We were also taught how to play hide and seek which is fun, as we have young kids that like to be involved with Bella. We would definitely recommend PAWS to anyone looking for reliable training for their dog.  We are happy with what have learned and would continue if we could"
Christian and Kathryn VanFaasen, Brighton, MI
Ron Wiedbusch, Artic Storm Wiedbusch, White German Shepherd, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification
This is Artic Storm Wiedbusch.  He is a dog I worked with a few years ago, and his owner, Ron, sent me this letter: "Amber,
this letter is way overdue.  Words can not express how important and respected you are by myself, my family and the thousands of people who STORM inter-acts with on a daily bases.  You, and you alone, took the time, had the patience, the canine knowledge, and compassion, that laid the foundation in making STORM what he is today.  All that STORM is to me, my family, and our nation, is due to you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Ron and Storm have been able to achieve several state and national therapy dog titles.  This summer (2011) Storm was awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award by President Obama, and this fall Storm was awarded the 2011 AKC/ACE Bronze Award in the Service Dog class.  These are both National Titles and are considered very difficult to achieve.
I couldn't be more proud of the accomplishments of both Ron and Storm.  They have accomplished what many feel is unattainable, and are proof that if you follow through you can achieve anything.  Great job Ron!

                                                          The Levitt Family with Bella
Rob and Allison Levitt, Bailey Levitt, Boxer, PAWS Training and Behavior Modification"When we adopted our dog, Bailey, she was a bit more aggressive at the door than what we would like.  With younger children visiting our home we found the need to address this issue before it became larger and more of a liability...Amber was the EXPERT that we were looking for.  Amber addressed all of the issues that we wanted to address, and not only taught Bailey, but the entire family, the proper way to handle certain situations...Not only were we able to modify Bailey's behavior but also learned why she was acting like she was...Amber was a pleasure to work with each and every time she was at our home for a lesson." 
Rob and Allison Levitt, Ypsilanti, MI
                       Echo Meeks                                                     
"It had been 7 years and I was more than ready to get another dog. I wanted a buddy that I could incorporate into as many aspects of my life as possible. With that in mind I signed the contract with Amber while still dog-less. Her “pre-dog” role was to help me find a good match --- we discussed life style, breed characteristics, and my “had to” list (i.e. had to be a rescue and had to be an adult). I filled Amber’s inbox with Pet Finder ads. She was quick to respond with her assessment of the dog, providing questions for the foster family, and analyzing my recount of the meet and greets. I’m sure she never thought I would find “the one”.  But I finally did --- a wonderful 2 year old boxer mix!  Echo and I went right into training with Amber. Amber’s professionalism and enthusiasm is reflected in her training techniques which are humane and positive based. She had to train me to relax and use the process as a stepping stone to building a great relationship with Echo --- so she’s a bit of a “human” behaviorist too. It is getting common to hear what a good dog Echo is. She accompanies me on early morning runs (no pulling) and helps me explore the trails and rivers near our home.  She was a great travel companion during a long road trip to Kansas and is always welcome at dog friendly gatherings hosted by friends. Adventures are way more enjoyable with a well behaved dog. Thank you Amber for helping us to get started on the right foot!"
Pat Meeks, Pinckney MI
                                                                Bijou Gottlieb
"I had never had a dog before and I didn't want to make any big mistakes...(Amber was) punctual, committed and reliable...The PAWS program was really great.  I had tried other trainers/programs before, but they didn't click with me.  Amber is patient, confident, and very experienced.  She demonstrated all the commands and techniques for encouraging compliance.  It was great to have someone walk me through it."
Siri Gottlieb, Ann Arbor MI

                                        Moka Schubring
"We realized that our puppy was starting to run our household, and needed help...Amber was very attentive to our needs in training, taking into consideration our family dynamics, even including our granddaughter.  She took extra time to meet us at the Pet Store, where our puppy would get out of control with all the attention, smells and excitement.  It was nice to have her come to our home on evenings and Saturdays so that both my husband and I could be present for the training."
Jan Schubring, Chelsea, MI
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