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Dog Manners

Kayla from PAWS Training and Behavior Modification LLC
This weekend I was thinking a lot about dog manners; my expectations of my own dogs and others expectations of their own dog.  At my house we have a few rules...
  1. The dogs do not belong on the couch.  We have nice furniture, and paid a lot of money for it. I want it to last a long time, and hopefully not have to replace it.  So I don't even let my dogs sleep up against the furniture.  They have their dog beds, and they use them.
  2. The dogs do not need to knock me down going in and out of the door.  This is a leadership rule along with a good manners rule.  It's rude in both the human and dog world to get knocked down in the great race to get out the door.
  3. I can't stand a dog that begs while I'm eating.  So in my house. my dogs are not allowed in the dining room while we're eating.  If they happen to sneak in and lay down quietly out of the way, that's ok.  But they can NOT be under the table!!  It is such a huge pet peeve of mine for a dog to lay under the table while people are eating to snarf up any droppings.
  4. Talking about food; I can't stand it when they're in the kitchen when I'm cooking either.  I have a small kitchen and I don't want to have to trip over the dogs while I've got hot food in my hands.  So they usually hang out in the doorway, out of the way.
  5. Of course my dogs are supposed to earn the affection they get, but that doesn't mean they don't get the occasional free pat here and there.  Especially Kayla tries to get away with the sucker guest that will pet her the whole time she's sitting next to them.  I guess this last one isn't so much a rule, but maybe more of a guideline.  They're not allowed to demand constant attention from guests.
  6. I have pretty big dogs, so they're not allowed to play fight in the house.  That's totally allowed outside, and I love to watch them, but inside, there's just not the room.
  7. Of course there are the universal jumping, no chewing on my things, no excessive barking, no eliminating in the house, no digging inside or out, and the really obvious aggression!
Lucy from PAWS Training and Behavior Modification LLCI really thought this list would be longer when I started to write it.  I feel like my house is so much more strict than other people's houses.  Yet looking at this list, it seems like all common sense things.  When I take my dogs to someone else's house I expect them to follow these rules along with whatever rules they have for their own pets.  Kayla and Lucy probably frequent my husband’s Uncle's house the most often. They do NOT have pets and do NOT allow pets in their house.  So Kayla and Lucy need to stay outside, which is fine since they live on a's a lot more fun to be outside at their house anyway!
My dogs following the rules of another’s house usually isn't an issue.  I'm very proud to say that my dogs are usually on very good behavior.  Plus, it really does seem like my house is a lot stricter than other houses.
But when dogs come to my house for a visit, I feel they should have to follow my rules as well.  So if my own dogs aren't allowed on furniture, under the table, and in the kitchen, my guest’s dogs aren't allowed that stuff either.  I always end up feeling a little rude when I want to enforce these same rules.  There are a few things I'm pretty flexible on.  I don’t' mind a little play in the house, as long as it's not getting crazy out of control, and if the dog has earned some attention..let the lovin take place!  I guess the ones that I feel the most strict on are the first 3.
So what do you all do at your house?
What are some of your dog house rules?
Do you get offended when your own rules are broken by a guest's dog?

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