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Puppies Are Wonderful Sidekicks Training and Behavior Modification

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Luckiest Sidekick Contest

Are you on Facebook??  If so you could enter into the Luckiest Sidekick Contest!
Puppies Are Wonderful Sidekicks (PAWS) would like to announce the "Luckiest Sidekick" CONTEST!! I've been thinking about how lucky I am to have Kayla and Lucy with me, and how much I enjoy spending my time with them. I love to show them off and that inspired me to have a lucky sidekick contest.

So here are the rules...please submit a photo of your Sidekick to amber@pawstbm.com by 8pm (EST) Wednesday March 14th, and on Saturday March 17th I will announce the winner.

Weiner Dog Races

My husband and I spent the weekend camping in Frankenmuth celebrating Oktoberfest.  This was the first year for me, but I had been hearing for years how fun it was.  We started planning this a year ago, made the reservations 6 months ago, and it met all of our expectations.  When we got to the campground, we were given a brochure of events for the weekend.  I was very excited to see that there was going to be a Weiner Dog Race Saturday at noon.
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