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5 Tips to Driving Dog Safe

It's important when traveling with your puppy or dog to keep a few things in mind when it comes to their safety. The younger the dog is when you start using these safety measures, the faster they will adjust to any changes. If you have an older dog, and you're starting this for the first time, be patient and go slow with them. You really can teach your old dog a new trick; it just takes a little longer.

  1. Use a Safety harness for your dog. There are a few types of car harnesses for your dog, however what I recommend is one that allows your puppy or dog to stand, sit, or lay down. It attaches right to the seat belt, and can be used in the front or back seat. Visit my page on recommendations to see which harness I use for my dog.
  2. Keep it all inside. Do not allow your puppy or dog to hang their head out of the window. Lots of debris from the road can fling up and hit them in the face, especially causing damage to the eyes. I know they look like they're having the time of their life...but would you let a child do the same thing? Crack the window for fresh air, and only open the window if you know you can prevent them from sticking their head out of the window.
  3. Confined in the bed of the truck. If your puppy or dog is in the bed of a pickup truck, make sure they're in a crate. They could easily get hurt in a variety of ways, even while riding with a cap on the bed of the truck. This could even be one of the flexible soft crates that you can use for many purposes and are very lightweight and easy to move around.
  4. Watch the temperatures. Do not leave your puppy or dog unattended for long periods of times, especially in extreme temperatures. Extreme heat or cold can be harmful to any dog, and they are unable to cool off in the same way we do. Make sure if it's a day that's too hot (over 70) that you take them with you, or just leave them at home. Even on a nice day when the temperature is safe, keep in mind that a bored dog will give themselves something to do. You may just come back to a car that has been re-decorated.
  5. Water!! Make sure you have a bowl and some water on hot days to help keep your puppy or dog cool. When traveling with your dog on hot days, keep some water on hand and stop for frequent breaks to allow your dog to re-hydrate. One of the fastest ways dogs cool off is by panting, and when they are dehydrated they're not able to cool off efficiently.

Follow these simple steps and your puppy with be riding safely with you for many years. Happy traveling!!

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