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Boarding and Day Care

Karnik Pet Lodges offers a very unique boarding and day care facility. Their day care is indoors, and monitored the entire time by a trained staff member. They do not allow behavior that might erupt into a dog fight and keep the facility very clean. Their boarding kennels are very unique with glass surrounding the kennel instead of fencing or concrete.

Aunt B's Doggie Day Care and Inn

Bridgette Reynolds owns and operates Aunt B's. This is a great place to drop off your sidekick for the day or an extended stay. Please call for more information. 248-755-0999 

Aunt B's is located in Gregory

Bridgewater Pet Boarding opened in 2009 and is a family run business. It is located in a quiet country setting between Manchester and Saline. This is a more traditional boarding kennel and does not have all the dogs in one area of play.

Quality Pet Care offers overnight and daycare services for small breed dogs (cocker spaniel size or smaller), and cats. They are located downtown Ann Arbor and have home style kennel setting. They also offer bathing and grooming services before check out.

Unleashed and Lovin' It is a boarding and day care facility that also offers self serve pet wash and toe nail trims. They're located in Jackson MI, and strive to provide a safe, fun, and stimulating social environment for your dog.  


All good groomers book up weeks if not months in advance. Please plan ahead!

Creative Pet Grooming is located in the Wags to Whiskers Pet Store in Chelsea MI. Kim Hammer does a great job with all dogs. She seems to do especially well with terriers.

Krazy Tails Pet Grooming is located in the Family Farm  and Home Store in Chelsea MI. I have been receiving only positive feedback for several years. They can be reached at 734-891-9703

Quality Grooming has decades of experience grooming pets in the Ann Arbor area. Whether you have a dog or cat, pure breed or mixed, long or short coat, they will groom your pet just the way you want. This is my most highly recommend groomer.


Affordable Vet Services is located downtown Ann Arbor. They provide excellent care and very reasonable prices.

611 South Ashley St. 


Animal Clinic of Pinckney is the vet I personally use. I have been impressed over and over on the quality of care my dogs have received from Dr. Seger.

Lap of Love was the service I used for end of life care for my dog Lucy. They offer in-home euthanasia and hospice services.

VCA Woodland Animal Hospital is located at 2200 South Main St, in Ann Arbor. This is the same Plaza as Pet Supplies Plus at the corner of Main and Ann Arbor Saline Rd. 


Veterinary Care Specialists (VCS) is the veterinarian that helped Charlie with his emergency gastropexy. They offer 24 hour emergency veterinary care, surgical interventions, and critical care services for the seriously ill patient. VCS has the knowledge, the skills, the technology, and the facility to support your pet when he or she needs it the most.

205 Rowe Rd, Milford, MI 48380 




How much do you love to hike with your dog? How much do you want your dog to carry? If you're looking for the serious backpack click here, and if you're looking for something small, click here.

Car Seat Cover

BarksBar makes the car seat cover I personally use to protect the seats in my car from dog nails, mud, and kids.

Cargo Area Barrier

I really like the Bushwhacker cargo barrier. I can easily see out of it, and it prevents my dog from sticking his head over and drooling on the backseat. (yes, he's a drooler!)

Collapsible Bowl

Sometimes I just need a bowl that's going to take up almost no room, and still be able to get water to Charlie when we're hiking. I especially love this bowl. Check out their slow feeding bowl and mats if you have a dog that likes to inhale their food.


This crate was designed for especially powerful breeds, however I usually recommended it for dogs with Separation Anxiety. This is not the crate for the average dog, but when you have a powerful breed, or a dog with Separation Anxiety this crate is going to get the job done!


I highly recommend using a harness in the car when traveling with your dog. This is the Harness I personally use.


Here are two sites that offers excellent muzzles. I have worked with a few dogs now that have used these muzzles, and in my opinion, are the best money can buy. They allow the dog to breathe naturally, drink water, and even eat small pieces of food. Because they don't hold the mouth closed, it also allows the dog to relax and behave more naturally.


Patricia McConnell is as close to a hero of mine as possible. I have read several of her books​ and recommend that anyone who wants to know dog communication better take a look at her website. I recommend all of her reading materials.


Mine!: Jean Donaldson

Beware of the Dog: Pat Miller

Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0:  Grisha Stewart


If Your Dog Could Talk: Bruce Fogle

The Dog's Mind: Bruce Fogle

Through a Dog's Ear: Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner

Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma: Daniel Schulof


Just a Walk in the Park: Barry Solomon

Just For Fun:

Soldier Dogs: Maria Goodavage


"It had been 7 years and I was more than ready to get another dog. I wanted a buddy that I could incorporate into as many aspects of my life as possible. With that in mind I signed the contract with Amber while still dog-less. Her “pre-dog” role was to help me find a good match --- we discussed life style, breed characteristics, and my “had to” list (i.e. had to be a rescue and had to be an adult). I filled Amber’s inbox with Pet Finder ads. She was quick to respond with her assessment of the dog, providing questions for the foster family, and analyzing my recount of the meet and greets. I’m sure she never thought I would find “the one”. But I finally did --- a wonderful 2 year old boxer mix! Echo and I went right into training with Amber. Amber’s professionalism and enthusiasm is reflected in her training techniques which are humane and positive based. She had to train me to relax and use the process as a stepping stone to building a great relationship with Echo --- so she’s a bit of a “human” behaviorist too. It is getting common to hear what a good dog Echo is. She accompanies me on early morning runs (no pulling) and helps me explore the trails and rivers near our home. She was a great travel companion during a long road trip to Kansas and is always welcome at dog friendly gatherings hosted by friends. Adventures are way more enjoyable with a well behaved dog. Thank you Amber for helping us to get started on the right foot!"

Pat Meeks

Pinckney, MI

We first met Amber several years ago when we consulted with her regarding an adopted dog who was showing a frightening level of aggression. While she was willing to work with us, she was clear about the time and commitment it would take and sadly it became clear that this dog was not a good fit for our family. Amber helped us to figure out a breed that would be a better match and after we acquired two different dogs we were thrilled to learn that she could continue to work with us, as she offered to make training services available *and* get our pups potty breaks and fresh air while we were at work. Early on we consulted with her with a variety of questions and she always had useful recommendations. Once the new family members acclimated and reached a level of training we were comfortable with, we scaled down to just the potty break. Amber is incredibly professional and caring and she has been great responding to our needs and keeping good communication. We especially appreciate that she has been able to work with our family's crazy schedule. We feel very fortunate to have found her and, having used a number of her services, I highly and wholeheartedly recommend her in many different capacities!

Kathy Waters

Grass Lake, MI

I have personally worked with Amber when we were training our puppy. We have never had this breed of dog so there were a few special challenges that we had not encountered in the past. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in explaining how to deal with these issues. In working with Amber it really came down to training my husband and I. Having been a dog owner all my life this was the first time I had used a trainer and learned so many things along the training that I would and should have been doing all along with my dogs."

Lynn Cottrell

Chelsea, MI


PO BOX 623

Chelsea, MI 48118

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