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5 Uses for Vinegar in Dog Training

Vinegar seems to be one of the crazy things in life that has a million and one uses to it. The last couple of years I’ve been using it much more than just an ingredient in a recipe. I wanted to share with you 5 ways to use vinegar around your home in relation to your dog.

1. Anti-Chewing Deterrent

For puppies or dogs with a chewing issue vinegar can be used as an anti-chewing deterrent. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and lemon juice in a spray bottle and spray on areas your puppy or is chewing. Plus this also makes a great cleaner, so if you spray too much, just wipe with a cloth and the object is also clean!

2. Stray Cat Deterrent 

Are you having a problem with stray/barn/feral cats around your home? Pour white vinegar in the areas the cat is spraying. This is especially useful when you have a dog that chases the outdoor cat. This lasts for 2-4 weeks depending on the weather and how much rain you’re getting.

3. Accident Treatment

White vinegar also works very well at removing the odor of urine. If you puppy or dog has an accident treat immediately with white vinegar to clean the area and remove the scent of urine. For more solid accidents, pour white vinegar on the affected area. Let it sit for one minute or less and rub with a dry cloth. If your puppy or dog has an accident on bedding, you can add ½ cup to the washing machine to remove the smell of it from the fabric.

4. Flea Removal

White vinegar can be used to remove fleas. This is a GREAT chemical free way to address this common issue. Fleas are attracted to the smell of vinegar and if you leave an open bowl of white vinegar in the area you’re finding fleas, they will jump into the bowl and drown in the vinegar. Fleas also don’t like salt, so if you sprinkle salt in your carpet they will jump out of the carpet; hopefully into the bowl of vinegar. Keep in mind that fleas like the smell of vinegar, so don’t leave the bowl of vinegar next to your dogs’ crate, bed, or other areas your dog is resting. You don’t want to attract the fleas to your dog. If you have a flea problem in these areas, keep your dog away while the vinegar is out.

5. Flea Preventative

To prevent fleas from biting your dog, add a drop of apple cider vinegar to your dogs’ bowl of water and it changes the acidity of their skin and fleas won’t bite your dog. If you have a toy breed or giant breed size dog, ask your vet about the amount to use for their size.

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